The CGHOA is a not-for-profit company, which is incorporated and professionally operated, managed, and maintained. This vibrant HOA is responsible for enhanced maintenance in public greenspaces within the community. In addition to supporting healthy living and enhanced quality of life, your HOA creates opportunities to meet your neighbours and develop connections.

Membership benefits include services, such as:

  • Enhanced community details and landscape maintenance – seasonal pots for flowers and winter arrangements at the community entrance, seasonal lights, and dog bag stations. Based on feedback received from the community in the January 2023 HOA survey, additions to this program for the 2023-24 fiscal year will include more seasonal lights and weeding at the park, community entrance, and traffic circle. Additional enhancements will be added as priorities arise and the community grows.
  • Community events – community events are planned and executed by the Chinook Gate HOA Events committee.
  • Other benefits – Chinook Gate HOA members are eligible to receive the special Brookfield Resident rate on program registration and facility rentals at other Brookfield HOAs (Livingston, Cranston, New Brighton and Auburn Bay)

There are volunteer opportunities with the Events committee and as Resident Director on the HOA Board of Directors.
To learn more about the Events committee, contact – events@chinookgatehoa.ca
To learn more about the HOA Board of Directors, contact info@chinookgatehoa.ca

Fees will be due on April 1 of each year. Members will receive an annual fee notice in March of each year.

HOA fees are tied to the Consumer Price Index (inflation) and can be increased above the Encumbrance amount only by the annual Consumer Price Index amount.

The Chinook Gate HOA sends audited financial statements to every member prior to the Annual General Meeting. The annual budget is also posted on www.chinookgate-connect.com.

Funds collect by the HOA contribute to enhanced maintenance in the community, community events, and administration.

Yes, the Chinook Gate HOA is a not-for-profit company, registered under the Alberta Companies Act.

No. All property owners in Chinook Gate are members of the HOA. Membership is attached to an encumbrance registered on the title of each property in Chinook Gate.

An encumbrance is an agreement that secures the payment of money (e.g. a rent charge) and is listed on a property’s Certificate of Title. Another common encumbrance on title is a mortgage.

The annual HOA fee is an encumbrance attached to the title of every property in Chinook Gate. The encumbrance fees support and fund the HOA in order to operate and maintain the HOA maintenance programs and provide events for the lasting enjoyment of its members, Chinook Gate residents.

Members of the Association (Chinook Gate residents) elect the Resident Directors annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors consists of seven (7) members in good standing of the community and three (3) representatives of Brookfield Residential. The Board meets on a regular basis to: ensure policies are properly set, review the annual operating budget, be the voice of fellow residents for HOA-related matters, provide input on the HOA, and participate in community events. There is a management agreement in place with Brookfield Residential until the turnover date (when the community is substantially complete); accordingly, Brookfield Residential holds the President, Treasurer, and Secretary position until that time. Brookfield abstains from voting on several occasions, leaving most decisions to the resident directors.

There are a number of teams who take care of the Chinook Gate community. The following links provide further information:

Who does what

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