Chinook Gate HOA Events Committee

Celebrating park side living, the Chinook Gate HOA will bring the community together at HOA events, providing opportunities to meet neighbours and connect the community.

Chair: Chinook Gate HOA resident (TBD)

Committee Members: Up to a maximum of seven (7) Chinook Gate residents, with a minimum of one (1) Chinook Gate HOA Board Member.
Committee members, must be a Member in good Standing or a spouse of a Member in Good Standing.

Chair and committee members are volunteers and must adhere to, and operate within all HOA governing documents (e.g. Articles of Association, Privacy Policy, etc.).

Meeting Frequency: To be determined by committee. At minimum, committee should meet four (4) times per year, aligning prior to HOA Board of Directors meetings.

– Plan, deliver, and evaluate events for the Chinook Gate community, within approved budget;
– Obtain input from the community to guide event planning;
– Recruit event sponsors and develop partnerships;
– Recruit volunteers to support delivery of events;
– Establish and implement event safety policies and procedures;
– Obtain necessary permits.

– Committee will provide event schedule to HOA Board of Directors for approval;

Communication & Support:
– Provide a written update one week prior to each HOA Board meeting (4 times per year). For inclusion in the Board Meeting package.
– Brookfield/HOA will support the committee with:

  • Event planning and best practices, as required;
  • Obtaining community feedback on events (e.g. surveys);
  • Promoting events to the community (monthly e-newsletter,

– Brookfield will work with the event committee to establish the annual event budget (April – March).
– Once the HOA operating budget has been approved, the HOA will provide the committee with the annual event budget in March of each year.

Event Standards:
– Events are

  • planned to meet the needs of the community with the objective of promoting community and bring neighbours together;
  • for Chinook Gate residents and their guests;
  • held in public parks/venues, not within private residences;
  • executed within the approved annual operating budget, provided from the HOA;
  • executed in a safe and inclusive manner, adhering to all relevant legislation (noise bylaws, etc.).

For further information on the Events Committee, please email