Chinook Gate AGM Questions

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HOA Related Questions:

Potential HOA fees?

The maximum HOA fee (Encumbrance fee) is $150.00 per year, plus an adjustment by percentage increase, if any, of the “All Items” Consumer Price Index (CPI), plus GST, as per the Encumbrance and Articles of Association.  When HOA fees (Encumbrance fees) begin, we anticipate they will be set around $100.00 per year plus GST.

When do the fees start being charged?

Encumbrance fees will be applicable to all homes in Chinook Gate when the enhanced maintenance programs begin (anticipated in Spring 2022). When fees become due, notices will be emailed to homeowners in early March and fees will be due April 1st.

What is the plan for the HOA fees? Will the fees go down as the community grows?

When setting the encumbrance fees, long-term forecasts project a number of occupied homes in the community each year, operational expenses, inflation, etc.  These projections allow fees to be set at a sustainable rate that is not projected to fluctuate greatly year over year.

What are some community events?

The Chinook Gate HOA will bring the community together at the first HOA event this summer. Events will be planned based on feedback from the Community (for example outdoor movies, holiday celebrations, community BBQs) and in accordance with current COVID-19 restrictions. Watch for more information in the e-newsletters and on

The HOA is currently recruiting volunteers to organize community events. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email

Development Related Questions:

How can we get some better snow management on the roads? Why do suppliers insist upon travelling through the traffic circle?

Brookfield currently adheres to the City of Airdrie snow clearing programming & bylaws. Snow clearing of any public lands would be a future negotiation with the City of Airdrie and the HOA. We can address any areas of concern on a case-by-case basis.

The construction access off of 24 Street is the suggested route of travel for trades and suppliers, particularly for larger vehicles. We have asked our builders to share this information with their partners. We will do our best to keep working with our builder partners to relay the information.

Is Brookfield planning on developing a dog park for neighbourhood dogs?

There are no plans for a dog park in Chinook Gate.

Interested in information on a school.

The need for community school sites is identified by either the Calgary Board of Education or the Calgary Catholic School District (school boards).  Based on demand & internal recommendations, those boards would then apply for funding through the Province to proceed with a new school build.

We do know that this site in Chinook Gate is part of the Catholic School District.

Are there currently any plans to rezone? If so, will the rezoning increase the density or decrease the density of the community?

There are currently no plans to rezone.

When will the community be handed over from Brookfield?

Final sales in the community are projected for 2027 and buildout of the community in 2028-29.